F.M.Alexander giving a lesson.

F.M.Alexander giving a lesson.

The Alexander Technique, developed by F.M.Alexander a 100 year ago, is a method for restoring the natural ease and balance inherent in every person.  The technique will help you eliminate ineffective movement and thinking patterns to enable you to move, perform, think at your best.  It is a means for achieving your dreams with grace and efficiency.    

The technique is unique compared to other mind/body methods in that it does not require you to do exercises to stretch or strengthen your muscles.  There is no pressing, pushing, or pulling involved. You don't need to visualize or meditate.  Instead, it is a way of using your mind to change how you move while you are moving.  

Okay, it's not easy to put into words.  But it works.  It's been the secret weapon of performing artists for nearly a century.  It's been studied by great thinkers such as Aldous Huxley and George Bernard Shaw.  Sting, Paul McCartney, and even Wolverine (also known as Hugh Jackman) has learned the technique to help them perform better.  And the British Medical Journal has shown how effective the technique is in alleviating back pain, as seen here.

In short, it can help you: 

- Reduce stress and pain

- Move with ease and grace

- Improve artistic and athletic performance

- Increase your sense of well-bing  

Are you curious?  Contact me now to schedule a tryout lesson, and you will see if the technique is a good fit for you.