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The Alexander Technique is typically taught one on one in individual lessons.  In a lesson, the teacher will restore the student's natural coordination by attending to what is called the primary control, the delicate interworking between the head and spine. 

In my lessons, I use my hands to gently guide you into better coordination.  The touch is extremely gentle, and it is nothing like massage or any kind of bodywork.  You can bring a specific activity like typing, sitting, playing the violin, walking, singing, etc. to work on, or we can do traditional chair and table work to restore your natural movement.    

The lessons are 45 minutes long, and you will spend the last 15 minutes or so on the table, lying down facing up.  

In the end, most students feel refreshed and move with greater ease and comfort. 

The best way to learn about the lessons is to give one a try.  I offer a discounted tryout lesson for $20.  After that, each individual session is $60. Lessons are held at:

4601 Anza Street, San Francisco, CA 94121


Group classes

I currently offer a 90 min group class most Saturdays in San Francisco.  In each class, we will explore a theme related to the Alexander Technique, and each participant will have an opportunity to work on a specific movement challenge.  Please send me an email if you would like to participate:  mattstevens7@att.net

LOCATOIN:    540 Balboa Street (between 6th & 7th Ave)

TIME:              3pm to 4:30pm

COST:             $15

DATES:            August 20th

                        September 3rd

                        September 10th



I look forward to hearing from you soon!